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Introducing ISSY

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with a 360 approach to the market

ISSY for Channels

The Best way to get Control
of Your Retail Network
Live data feed
incoming from
your retail network

ISSY for Consumer

The Only Insight-Focused Loyalty
Application in the Market
Live data feed
incoming from
your consumers
One stop
to visualize
your market
Expert Support
Our team of analysts will help you maximize the value of your data and will customize the reports for simple visualization.
Boost your Reports
Combine data captured with other data feeds, including from third party sources.
Grow your business
Customize your brand's profitability by accessing your data reports in real time and making smart decisions.

ISSY for Channel

Simple and Convenient

Route management
Centralize and classify the retail network based on your business reality.
Training and Incentives
Deploy training programs to your staff at any time. Incentivize your staff and get them ready to win the markets!
Insights Planner
Plan ahead of time the strategy and sales drivers to measure and keep track of efficient changes to meet your goals.
Control your Market
Instant visibility of your InStore environment.
Track your retails growth
Set the number of retail locations to target in a period of time and monitor instantly.

ISSY for Consumer

Insightful Marketing

Insight-base loyalty application
Points or instant reward system. When a consumer participates in a call to action or promotion, benefits will be provided instantly or points can be redeemed from a prize catalog.
Define what you say, when and where to say it. Consumers are listening, make sure to speak to them in relevant locations for a more efficient communication.
the promotions
Make sure the consumers are inside the locations in order to participate.
Time-based reward redemption
For simple deployment that require no integration with the point of sale system, the time-based redemption feature will drive consumers to obtain their rewards in just seconds.
Integration with third parties
Ready to integrate with loyalty programs, or any other third party platform to make the most out of what is already implemented.
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